Someone busier is blogging right now…..

Ready to blog
It was well over a year ago when I started blogging and running that I did this post, someone busier than you is running right now. The fabulous news is the running has gone from strength to strength but the blogging has been on the slow burner. I have sat in the pub and spoken to Mr Sunshine about my exciting blog ideas, I have written lists and ideas in newly purchased funky notepads, I have been avidly following all my favourite bloggers at the weekend, catching up with them all over a cup of tea…but no matter how much I have been bursting with inspiration and intention the writing just hasn’t got started.

Its not that this year has not been exciting and busy. For the first time ever we did not have any travel plans…no burning desires of cities to visit or sights to see. We have been spontaneous and so have had random adventures, which I will be writing about.

Running has been one thing that I have had time for (obviously because I had too….its amazing what you find time for when you have no choice, aka, someone signed you up for a race, that if you don’t commit to training for, you will fail in epic fashion) This is something that I also will be writing  about….from ‘Couch to 10K'(girls style, the truth and 80s style day glo accessories to boot)

This got me thinking that if I have time to run I have time to blog too, and (I’m hoping!?!) the hardest thing has been getting started again! Copious amounts of time are spent online, flicking between Facebook, Pinterest, ASOS and I have always found time for this. Somewhere in cyber space I found a stat that said only 5% of blogs were successful and maintained (hides my eyes in shame)….

Things I loved about blogging  were the creativity  (something that is oh so missing from my day job), inspiration, support from other lovely bloggers and being lost in your own little slice of the internet. So from now on I will be posting once per week about things from travel to fitness and of course shopping, not Mulberry/Prada/Gucci style shopping, because lets face it who can actually afford all that, I mean savvy buys, from fashion to beauty, basically anything that gives you that bargain hunting buzz.

So in the spirit of getting started a few inspirations from my jam packed camera roll…

Time, if only there was enough time
Getting started, inspiration from Tony Robbins