Exploring Chinatown Bangkok

Before arriving in Bangkok we were not prepared for how vastly huge this city was and that’s how we stumbled across this amazing area. Following a long walk through the hot streets, a tuk tuk ride through some very quiet streets, eventually hailing an awesome hot pink taxi (not just because it was such funky colour) on route to the Grand Palace ¬†we hopped out as this area looked just to fascinating to miss.
The first thing that struck me about Chinatown is how manically busy it is, I’m a total shopaholic, but was overwhelmed with the smells, colours, sounds, food, people for the first time ever I forgot shopping and just took it all in. Off the main street are really tiny narrow streets, lined with people cooking, people selling absolutely anything, just so many people you could not even see a scrap of pavement. Its hot and crowded. Every few yards is a cart frying up something different or a stall selling some crazy fruit I had never seen before. Its hot and overwhelming and at the same time totally awesome.