Libraries are cool, but perhaps not in the modernist sense of cool. So in this very digital age when the new library was unveiled in Birmingham I was so excited to see. On the clearest, crispest of spring days we ventured in. On first glance you could actually be entering a mall, with escalators zig zagging up to the heights. You would think we’d be here to explore, research, widen our minds but he building itself is so so worthy of exploration. 10 floors high. The clean modern lines and sparks of electric blue light juxtapose with the shelves of old burgundy well read books. A champagne bar half way up is a nod to the Twentieth century, the Peroni bottle perched on a shelf a sign that this is no ordinary Library. At the top is a penthouse, with amazing views stretching out over Birmingham, with garden areas and greenery, I envy the students that get to study in this Library