The prettiest little village in Cornwall…Polperro

There’s something lovely about the seaside in winter…watching the lashing waves and feeling the salty air stinging your cheeks. In January we escaped for a few days to Cornwall. We stopped in lovely cosy log cabins (but that’s for another post) and one of the nearest villages was Polperro. This lovely little fishing village is tucked away by the sea and you cant even access by car which I think makes it all the lovelier.

We followed the windy narrow streets down to the neat little harbour that gushes with character this place that in the summertime has tourists lining the streets felt like it was ours and ours alone to explore. It had the cutest of shops selling all sorts of seaside related trinkets, small galleries, and lovely restaurants tucked neatly away in corners, most of which were closed for January. The harbour looked sleepy as the colourful fishing boats rested at low tide and mischievous sea gulls perched and spied what they could steal next. Beyond the harbour wall was a small cove with caves, it conjures up stories of pirates and smugglers but I think that’s just my wild imagination. All we needed was a cosy pub with a crackling log fire and my favourite Old Rosie cider, which is exactly what we found. There was something really nice about exploring this village in winter away from the madding crowds.


2 thoughts on “The prettiest little village in Cornwall…Polperro

  1. Thanks Jo for your lovely words! I was feeling like Melba Sunshine was needing a wee revamp earlier, I’m feeling inspired but it’s work in progress! A re blog from you would be fabulous, thank you so much! X

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