Country Living Christmas Fair – Glasgow

One of my guilty pleasures is a comfy Sunday morning with a cup of tea and my country living magazine, its totally aspirational but I can dream of a house in the country or even better a quiet corner of a busy city with an Aga, walk in wardrobe and crackling log fire. Maybe one day…and I’d like it to look like something that’s jumped out of the pages of this magazine. So when I got the chance to go to the Christmas Fair in Glasgow I jumped at the chance.
What I loved about this is lots of small independant crafters, makers, designers all under one roof. Obviously being in Scotland the influences were pretty strong, lots of cool funky coloured tweeds and tartans, oh-so-cosy sheepskin rugs and cool and quirky furniture (all of which seemed to be bespoke, which I loved). Pop up rooms left you inspired with ideas to go home and recreate, and the food section with lots of local producers was a great opertunity to sample the goodies. Dotted between were also clothing stalls, some vintage, so many comfy ponchos, furs and tweeds I could be tempted to re vamp my wardrobe! What I loved was it was all unique and a far cry from the highsteet where everything looks the same. I intended to do some Christmas shopping but returned bursting with inspiring ideas….


7 thoughts on “Country Living Christmas Fair – Glasgow

      1. Me too, I can’t hold back on my purse strings when it comes to things like this ๐Ÿ™‚ Awh, thank you so much – what a wonderful compliment & likewise!! Xo

      1. Thank you! I just started the blog last night, steep learning curve but loving it so far! I would love to reblog one of your articles in the next couple of weeks if that’s OK x

      2. Absolutely, I’d feel extremely proud and privileged. I’m also quite new to it, dipping in and out but it’s very creative and good fun! Love the writing in your first post! Looking forward to reading more! X

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