Edinburgh Festival Fringe Fun

Love it or hate it the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest Arts Festival in the world. For pretty much the whole of August, usually in the rain, Edinburgh is transformed into a hotpot of beautiful, wild, hilarious, crazy randomness. The programme is a million pages long, the streets are an unmovable traffic jam of tourists, locals and regular workers frustrated by getting prodded in the head with another brolly or another tourist stopping mid pavement to take a photo of another crazy artical.

A few highlights.’This is Brazil’, a music and dance show based around the streets of Brazil with an amazing soundtrack, free comedy at Espionage (a wee tip, find a venue with free shows and if its raining just move from show to show, belly laughs guaranteed). A magic show that was beyond fascinating. For me the best was ‘The Sake’ a Japenese performing arts show with amazing arial acrobatics, beautiful visuals and music. The Festival is a bit like playing the lottery – every show will have 5 star write ups, but occasionally take a gamble and you may just experience something awe-inspiring!


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