Bangkok Flashback – Wat Pho

Before we were lucky enough to visit Bangkok a few friends told us to visit Wat Pho, otherwise known as ‘The Temple of the Reclining Buddha’. Like most awesome discoveries when traveling we visited this by chance, as its right next to the Grand Palace. Its one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok and also home to the Thai massage. At 15m high and 43m long, the reclining Buddha is beautiful, with feet encrusted with mother of pearl and ornate images of dancers, tigers, flowers and white elephants. The intricate beauty of the Buddha itself is fascinating but the temple is spellbindingly beautiful.

Outside many touts approach you to get you to buy sarongs/trousers to cover up but you are given clothes to cover up with. Its easy to get intimidated, but don’t be. You have to remove your shoes also, but are given a bag to carry them. Exploring the grounds is also fascinating with temples and mounds, its home to a Buddhist Monastery and you can see the Buddhist Monks wondering through. This temple is awesome and not to be missed on a visit to Bangkok.