Lush at Spa in the City, Edinburgh

A snoop in my bathroom will tell you I do not need anything else to entice me more into my love for Lush, but on a rainy Sunday last month, as Mr S ran the Edinburgh Marathon, I came across Spa in the City.

Many tents dotted around the city, to my excitement I stumbled across Lush. To my disappointment all the free treatments were fully booked but I was delighted to have a look around..

One room was devoted to the fresh ingredients giving demonstrations of making products. It was easy to see how fresh fresh face masks were and I think it’s true, the hair products with lemon in make my hair super soft and blonde.

Guerrilla perfumes, so much eye candy in here. The bottle designs are devine for your dressing table, my fave scent being ‘karma’, ‘powerful, spicy and unique’ it smells lovely or maybe I just love the name.

My favorite room was promoting Lush Spa, a definite on my to do list. I can imagine a combination of lush products and soothing music would be something else.

You couldn’t buy in here (probably a good thing) but I popped along to the store and bought ‘big blue’ bath bomb and ‘wiki magic muscles’ massage bar for my marathon man. I’m now left very eager to visit the Spa soon.


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