Camden, Londons coolest corner

There’s something cool about sitting on Northern line tube heading to Camden Market. The anticipation of a day lost in heady shopping for quirky stuff, not knowing what you may find, its like a scavenger hunt fuelled with whatever food from all over the world takes your fancy. Forget Oxford street, this place is like a shopping mecca. There’s a few reasons whenever I visit London I find a magnetic force pulling me here. Here’s my wee guide:

1) Its huge! There’s the market on the high street selling mainly clothes and accessories, cute pastel huts at the canalside where you can rummage for hours looking at quirky stuff, the horse hospital and catacombes selling an amazing amount of vintage stuff, cyberdog with a giant robot at the entrance and more dayglo stuff than you will see in a lifetime, market hall selling lots of handmade, designers row with imported clothes you don’t see anywhere else on the highsteet. On weekends it gets even bigger with the lock market stalls selling amazing street food and crafts. Just go get yourself lost in it all.

2) Be prepared to barter…be restrained when you first arrive if you go crazy at the beginning, you will be disappointed to see your haul cheaper even deeper into the stalls.

3) Food…arrive hungry. There is so much street food its manic. Falafel, mexican, noodles, bang bang chicken. You name it they probably have it. They always let you try before you buy too. Shopping is hard work, keep refreshed with the amazing freshly squeezed orange juice.

4) The Terrace bar at the Lockside is awesome in the sunshine, a great place to rest your weary shopping legs.

5) Go early…it gets really busy at the weekend.

I was gutted to see this unique place in a country full of identical generic high streets is at risk. The new rail link is proposed to run right through the heart of the lock market (in my humble opinion one of the most vibrant parts). Learn more and sign the petition against it, to try to save this cool and quirky area.


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