Goodbye March, 9 things I loved…

As March disappears into the sunset (yes there was some sun!) here’s what I loved about it. A week off work spent with my family in my hometown…

…A trip to the new Birmingham library, yes I did manage to get a bit excited and lost for about 2 hours, I will blog about this soon.

…a shopping trip to Birmingham, loving getting a big yellow Selfridges bag, for a lovely £12 Primark purchase (did you know Primark have a concession in this amazing store?)

…crafting in the sun on a Sunday afternoon

…a windswept day at the beach

…embellishing flip flops, then getting to wear them

…blue skies and blossom, summers on its way

…finding this funky pink chair and wanting to redesign a whole room around it

…discovering a new favorite Indian restaurant in Stirling and a lovely date night

…rummaging round quirky vintage shops in Worcester

So all in all I spent my week off shopping and making. As the saying goes, do what makes your soul happy