‘Someone busier than you is running right now’

I saw this quote on Pinterest a while ago and it has so often echoed in my mind. No one can deny that a good jog makes you feel fantastic but why is it so hard to get started? My level of enthusiasm peaks when I’m in the sports shop excitedly picking out colourful running gear (if shopping was an Olympic sport I would be in for at least a bronze for Great Britain). Since the whole ‘lets get fit’ in January whizzed by with as much as a brisk walk and the end of February fast approaching, yesterday I finally dusted off (the brand new, gleaming white) trainers. As we opened the door to venture out we were greeted with sheet rain belting down. I proudly avoided the pending u-turn back to my sofa for the comfort of piping hot tea.

We’re lucky enough live 10 minutes away from the Stirling University campus, with amazing scenery and a loch you can run around as many times as your weary legs will take you. The snow drops were beautiful and I was even blessed with a warm beam of sunshine on my face, probably the first since 2013.

I learnt a few things on this run..

1) The Nike running app is awesome (apart from the music stops when you do…so keep on running)
2) When the rain starts mid run, it’s a bit like the rain in Thailand when it’s boiling hot, unexpectedly refreshing
3) Music is the answer. Yesterday’s playlist was Euphoria. To me this seems like perfect music to work out to.

I’m really hoping that the anticipation of the Colour Run in August will spur me on to dust off my trainers more often.

Running quote edit, photo credit: darkmatter via photopin cc


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