A very french road trip

Camping Stuff, check. Sat Nav, check. P&O Ferry tickets, check. Irn Bru and Haribo, Check.

As a child our summer holidays were always spent camping so in the summer I persuaded Mr S. we should give it a whirl. The journey from Central Scotland to the Champagne region of Northern France is pretty epic but there is something so utterly liberating about the open road. After all, anywhere named after the lovely bubbly drink Champagne has got to be worth the 800 mile journey and one boat. We headed down to Dover ferry port, the white cliffs disappeared into the distance until they were the faintest dot.

Landing at Calais, mindfull to drive on the correct side of the road, we travelled down through the night, as dusk broke the sun was rising the, sunflower fields popping up now and then. It seemed like we were the only souls around. Our impeccable arrival time meant only one thing. The waft of bread baking lead us to a traditional Boulangerie…WELCOME TO FRANCE!

Armed with a Baguette and more of our fair share of Pan au Chocolates we went into the campsite and met my mum and dad who were already there.

Troyes was an awesome place to holiday. The town is so picturesque full of half timbered houses dating back as early as 15th centuary. These houses bring a whole new meaning to the syle shabby chic. The streets wind and are lined with so much unique architecture. Not to forget the most important thing in France…wine and amazing food. You almost hoped for a rainy day to give a fine excuse to sample another ‘menu du jour’. Our evenings were spent sitting chatting outside in the balmy air, in the glow of citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay, naturally drinking vino rouge. I just love the adventure of camping holidays, food, wine, sunshine, fresh air (as long as it’s not raining, I’m a self confessed ‘good weather camper’) however even writing this post left me itching to do it all again this year!


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