The Sunday Wonder, Segrada Familia, Barcelona

Every corner you turn in Barcelona there is a funky work of Gaudi. His most famous piece is undoubtedly Segrada Familia. Since my GCSE Art days I had always known this was the unfinished church. When in Barcelona last summer we visited. I have to say at first when you find it from the outside its a bit underwhelming. The picture I had built up in my mind was an imposing beast of a structure, towering high above Barcelona. We walked a while (getting cornered by two romany gypsies on a quiet street on the way, our only scary experience in Barcelona, but a bit of an eye opener all the same) we turned a corner to find it.

The queue was mighty huge (pre booking is essential) but when you enter its an awesome experience. The absolute height and detail of the structure is awe inspiring. The detail and originality of the architecture is amazing. We visited mid morning and the blazing sunlight projected the colours from the vibrant stained glass windows onto the imposing pillars. We got tickets to go up a tower. You go up part in a lift (be warned,in the 30 degree heat with other sweaty tourists, this is not nice) then climb the spiral staircase to the top. The views of Barcelona are awesome, worth the few minutes in the sauna of a lift.

If you like cool architecture this place is so worth a visit, but the queue in August was insanely long. Booking tickets in advance is essential, you don’t even have to queue for 5 minutes. Then you can spend the rest of your time in Barcelona drinking a chilled San Miguel and people watching, visiting La Bouqeria , or seeing so many cool sights.

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