Hotel Cool. Citizen M Amsterdam City

Last year my folks both turned 60. We wanted to take them on a city break to remember, so where did we take them? This hotel claims to be for ‘The explorers, The adventurers, The dreamers. Those who travel the world with big hearts and wide eyes’, its won several design awards and you can see why. Heres 5 reasons to stay here when in Amsterdam;

1) Coming from Schipol Airport its a 12 minute train ride to Amsterdam Zuid. A nippy double decker train (we don’t have those in the UK) will whisk you there so no lugging heavy backpacks/cases across town. The hotel is a short walk from the station.

2) Tram 5…a tram stop is about 5 minutes from the door. This is super frequent (you wont wait long, even on a Sunday) and it will zip you to the centre in no time (about 8 mins).

3) Awesome design ‘Always stay in a hotel as nice as your home (unless you live in a tent)’ is one of there mottos. The whole hotel is hip and awesome. The lobby is a cool ‘hang out’ for breakfast or a cocktail after exploring the city.

4) The friendliest staff. Chatty but interesting and cool. They make sure your stay is awesome.

5) Rooms. Moodpad. Comfiest XL king sized bed ever. Free movies on demand. Free Wi Fi. A rain shower that makes you want to shower 4 times per day.

Me, Mr S, my sister and parents stayed here at Citizen M. We all agreed it was fabulous. We got free cocktails on our first night due to a slight hitch on check in. Everyone was so comfy they ditched the free cocktails for chilling out in their rooms…that’s just how comfy the rooms are, I will write about those very soon! Everyone loved Amsterdam too, check out my gallery.

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