A new world addiction, Pinterest

It’s fair to say a few years ago my sources of inspiration got a whole lot more inspired. My free time has never been the same since I discovered Pinterest, its amazing how many hours can be whiled away just looking at allsorts, its totally theraputic. Its great for trip planning, home décor, quotes to give you a kick when you are feeling miserable and you can go on a virtual shopping spree, without actually spending a penny which is fairly cool. I’m pretty sure many awesome places we found last year were a result of my hours spent on Pinterest. Check out my pages:

Heres my profile:

Trip inspiration..

Its hard to choose but heres a few of my favourite pins –

Paris is always a good idea

Malaysia..I would love to go

New York….LOVE LOVE LOVE this city

So many pins its hard to choose my favourite!

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2 thoughts on “A new world addiction, Pinterest

  1. I adore Pinterest too! I made my own Christmas tree and all sort sod Christmas goodies thanks to pins on there! It’s so easy to spend hours on there without realising the time is flying by!!

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