Hello 2014…

We’ve cheerily waved goodbye to 2013, helped with sparkly disco lights, laughs with friends and probably far to much red wine. We couldn’t argue it wasn’t a good one. We have been lucky enough to visit so many of the worlds best cities. January saw us whizz from London to Paris, August from Amsterdam to Barcelona and November Bangkok topped off with a well deserved trip to kick back in the Phuket Sunshine (I’m not sure how many hours last year I spent trip planning but it sure paid off). We worked hard…probably too hard but travelled in style. 2013 will be hard to beat.

2014 is starting differently, I love the feeling of a New Year, fresh inspirations, ideas, visions and goals. Challenges will hopefully be met, perhaps a few leaps of faith made and hopefully transforming ‘can’t do, into can do, into will do’. Some bits are slightly scary but it sure is exciting!

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