Tuesday Blues, Cayo Coco, Cuba

Tuesdays don’t always have to be blue! Flicking through my photos I came across these photos of possibly the most relaxing fortnights of my entire life. Cayo Coco is an Island in Central Cuba, its part of a cluster of Islands called Jardines Del Ray (‘The Kings Gardens’) Can you see why??
Here you will find the bluest ocean ever, with the softest sand and total peacefulness. Its a place to kick back, relax, and do not much but soak up rays, snorkel, read books, drink cocktails and eat freshly barbequed meat and fish. I love trips and adventure but this place enticed me to spend the whole two weeks relaxing. I did a bit of crafting on the beach (how awesome, making things, listening to the sea, with the sand between your toes, what more can you ask for??) and did some painting. Although we did not see much of the country, the nature of the Cubans is lovely, so bubbly and friendly. You can really feel the spirit through the art, the music, the dancing. I hope to return soon, especially before the country changes forever.

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