Christmas London Style…

A bit of a delayed post but I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in London pre Christmas. This fabulous city did not disappoint. Sparkly lights everywhere…Carnaby street was adorned with red breasted robins, Covent garden giant ballballs, Hyde park Winter Wonderland provided hours of entertainment watching the carefree Sunday morning ice-skaters while drinking hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, I have to say I think this was my favorite moment, a pure blue sky and the crisp cold made for a lovely christmassy atmosphere (I’ve always dreamed of ice-skating in New Yorks Central Park at Christmas..this made me believe even more it would be really magical) Eating roast chesnuts, bratwurst and sipping piping hot mulled wine made for a weekend filled with fabulousness!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas London Style…

  1. London at Christmas is great! And your photos have just reminded me to see the tree in Trafalgar Square before it’s too late – it’s always the classiest tree in the country 🙂

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