A Pinterest find… Neals Yard, London

One evening shortly after I had discovered Pinterest I stumbled across the beautifully coloured crannie that is Neals Yard. So many trips to London how could I have possibly missed this treat…? It was TOP of my to see list on my next trip. It’s cosily tucked down a little alley beside Benefit, just off the Seven Dials near Covent Garden. Sure enough how amazing is this little corner of the city, its cute, with ‘Hair by Fairy’ and the ‘Souk Medina’ in the corner. You would never guess its there, its a quiet sanctuary in the city

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4 thoughts on “A Pinterest find… Neals Yard, London

  1. I wish you a happy new Year , and thank you for the like on one of my post ! I really enjoy coloured things in the city atmosphere . Those windows are very cool 🙂 for my next travel I hope I could stay to visit this place !

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